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Design Parts for Direct Digital Manufacturing

Direct digital manufacturing (DDM) is an additive fabrication technology to make products without tooling, molding, and machining. Design is no longer constrained by the limitations of conventional manufacturing processes. The rules of design for manufacturability (DFM) can be substantially altered. Complex parts can be faster, cheaper, and practical when manufactured with DDM.

Many product design features that were strictly the requirements of injection molding process such as; draft angles, uniform wall thickness, and corner radiuses can be eliminated. DDM frees up designers to focus more on product form and function than how it will be manufactured. Read the complete white paper at http://s3.amazonaws.com/pdf

HeatGenie Engages Deaton Engineering to Improve the Manufacturability & Design of its Revolutionary, Compact, Self-heating Technology

HeatGenie Self Heater
HeatGenie Self Heater

HeatGenie Engages Deaton Engineering

Hiring Deaton Engineering is the next step toward making self-heating food products a reality for convenience-conscious consumers across the globe. With the successful completion of bench level testing HeatGenie will rely on Deaton’s full suite of engineering and manufacturing expertise to scale its heater manufacturability to startup level over the next 6-8 months, then to industry pilot level of 100M units a year in 2012, and finally to the eventual goal of over a billion units a year.

Design for Manufacture

“HeatGenie is at a stage where interested brand partners are increasingly asking us to address the supply of heaters. Deaton’s proven manufacturing expertise with companies like Honda and Dell will accelerate the transition of HeatGenie products into high volume production.” said HeatGenie’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, Brendan Coffey. “After reviewing a number of firms, it was clear that Deaton was the perfect fit to work with us on design for manufacturing and scale-up.”

Deaton Engineering – Design Engineers

Deaton is a full-service engineering and design firm that caters to clients from a variety of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical device and contract manufacturing. “Deaton Engineering is excited about this opportunity to work with HeatGenie to improve the manufacturability of their design”, said Deaton Engineering’s VP of Sales and Marketing, David Knieriem. “We are looking forward to applying our extensive manufacturing experience into design and manufacturing equipment that will allow HeatGenie to meet their goals of high volume manufacturing at a competitive price”, he added.

See HeatGenie’s full press release at HeatGenie Engages Deaton Engineering to Improve Manufacturability & Design