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David Knieriem is a technical sales executive possessing hands-on domestic & international multi-industry experience in electro-mechanical consulting engineering, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, medical device, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and financial services. He is both an entrepreneur and a corporate executive with senior roles in highly technical sales, business development, marketing, client management, project & product management, general manager, CFO, and operations. In the last ten years David has personally developed, quoted, and closed 150 new clients representing over $25M in sales by understanding where to find revenue, price projects, deliver services, and produce sales. He closes complex deals by being intimately familiar with what his customers’ value and what motivates them to buy. His understanding of a broad range of business functions, process operations, and financial drivers enables him to leverage his experience to help companies develop and execute strategies that lower manufacturing costs, operate more efficiently, improve their profitability, and drive growth.

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  1. Currently the director of franchise development with the dwyer group. I wanted reach out to you. There are not many Knieriems that I know about.

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