Design Parts for Direct Digital Manufacturing

Direct digital manufacturing (DDM) is an additive fabrication technology to make products without tooling, molding, and machining. Design is no longer constrained by the limitations of conventional manufacturing processes. The rules of design for manufacturability (DFM) can be substantially altered. Complex parts can be faster, cheaper, and practical when manufactured with DDM.

Many product design features that were strictly the requirements of injection molding process such as; draft angles, uniform wall thickness, and corner radiuses can be eliminated. DDM frees up designers to focus more on product form and function than how it will be manufactured. Read the complete white paper at

Google’s $12 Billion Toy

Can Google really be a company that’s all things to all people? It is not clear that Google can create enough value out of its largest ever acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings to justify the $12.5 billion purchase. It’s hard to believe that Motorola’s 17,000 patents will reconcile existing gross margins on mobile search estimated around 70% with Motorola’s smart phone manufacturing operation losing money.

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