Engineering Project History

Engineering Project History

In the past ten years, I have helped companies outsource their engineering projects to successfully develop new products, medical devices, and industrial machines.

The projects ranged from large complex automated machinery to implantable medical devices.

Click on the links below to see videos of the projects.

Sky Diving Wind Tunnel: Mechanical Engineering & Design

Industrial Trash Baler: Machine Design, Mechanical & Electrical Design

Consumer/Education Product: Electrical & Mechanical Engineering & Design

Electronic Medical Device: Mechanical, Electrical and Software Engineering & Design

Implantable Medical Device: Medical Device Design, Finite Element Analysis

Self-Heating Can: Mechanical Design, Manufacturing Automation

See the entire project history: David Knieriem YouTube Channel

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4 thoughts on “Engineering Project History”

  1. Hello David,
    My name is James Harvey, I live in Houston, Texas. Iam a registered engineered engineer in Texas and Louisiana. I also am licensed with the Texas Fire Marshall’s Office, RME, APS and EPL. I am interested in MEP and Fire Protection work in these two states.

    Do you have any projects that we can help you with.

    832 236 7165

  2. I really look up to engineers . They are capable of creating the most useful devices nowadays. On my job we sell traffic products by eltec. One of the most innovative is traffic signs using solar power.

    If all the trafic products used this type of energy. A lot of natural resources could be saved.

    And we could help the environment a little more.

  3. I´m amazed at what engineers are capable of doing.

    In the company where I corrently work we distribute trafic products.

    And the products we get from Eltec (traffic signs, pedestrian signs, traffic lights) already use solar power.

    It´s good to know that still there are companies that contribute to the Earth´s natural resources preservation

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