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Regulatory Cost Calculator
Instructions: This calculator allows users to conduct analysis similar to that presented in the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Economic Policy Paper (13-3), “Quantifying the Costs of Additional Regulation on Community Banks,” by Ron Feldman, Ken Heinecke and Jason Schmidt. Please review that paper for additional details on the analysis allowed by this calculator.

The underlying data in the calculator come from the quarterly statements of condition and income that commercial banks are required to file with federal regulators (known as “Call Reports”). This calculator contains data on “community” banks, which are defined to have assets less than $1 billion. In the calculator, the user can specify four input parameters:

1. Bank asset size cutoffs. 2. Number of full-time equivalent employees (FTEs). 3. Compensation of FTEs. 4. Year on which the analysis is performed.

Updated Calculator

This version of the regulatory cost calculator contains updated data through Q4 2013. Note that results for the 2001-2012 period are slightly different due to revisions to the call report data and seasonal adjustment of the CPI.

Download updated calculator (.xlsm, 13MB)

Note: Click the Enable Content or Enable Macros button when the file opens to allow the calculator to appear.

via Regulatory Cost Calculator – The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

Regulatory Cost Calculator 2013 – Excel Spreadsheet


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